Inspiring you to donate your birthday with the press of a button

Donate your birthday, like Ashton Kutcher, to a cause or charity you believe in and care deeply about so you can live out your mission, and eventually your legacy, with your friends and family

Ashton donated his birthday to Thorn, who build technology to defend children from sexual abuse 

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Change the world in a few simple steps




Donate your birthday to raise money and awareness to a cause that aligns with your personal mission

Invite your family, friends, and colleagues to share your birthday mission and to donate if they want to support you 

Inspire your family, friends, and colleagues to donate their birthdays each year to a cause they are passionate about

Hey, I'm Trevor! 

Phoenix, Arizona

Been a 'people person' since January 1991, Birthday Advocate since January 2018

I want to inspire you. I realize that hundreds of thousands, probably millions of other very talented people around the world are looking for your attention in attempt to inspire you as well. So to show you the kind of value I’ll bring to your life, I’ve decided to be proactive and I have analyzed a new global movement to give you my two cents on where you should focus (a sliver of your attention to) next:

Please scroll through the report and email or get in touch with me when you’re done :)


You Are (Almost) Taking Over the World

You have stories you want to share, ideas that you’re passionate about, and beliefs that you truly care about.

You have hopes and dreams for yourself, desires and aspirations in life, and goals you’re working towards.

You have far more power then ever before in history. Your voice matters and you can make a difference.

You want to be the good in this world. You are a leader and your contagious to social movements.

You have a birthday. Your birthday is a reminder of your existence. Each year, it’s a new chapter of your story.

You have a new way to share your story. Now every year, your birthday can be about the mission you envision in your world.

What's Missing?

A storytelling platform where companies have the option, and eventually the responsibility, to be the first to donate to their employees ‘Birthday Missions’ to local and global causes that their employees care about each year.

Eventually these stories of the social good done each year will become part of the legacies for people throughout their lives and legacies throughout a businesses history.


Why This Matters

Millennial Melting Pot

Did you know you are 50% more likely to make a purchase from a company if your purchase supports a cause?

Expecting Trust and Transparency

Whether you are a customer or an employee you love, accept and expect social giving from organizations. According to Fortune, companies that give and support causes greater then just their profits are more trusted by people just like you. 

Birthday Movement Inception

Charity Water has been raising awareness for clean water projects through individuals donating their birthday since 2006. Charity Water is considered by many the most trusted charity in the world.

Facebook Adoption 

If you have a Facebook profile, you've seen the movement. Since May of 2017, Facebook has followed Charity Water’s lead and has now made it possible for anyone in the United States to ‘donate their birthday’ to any of the 750,000+ nonprofits in the United States they may be passionate about.

Are You Happy?

Did you know that you'll spend over 90,000 hours at work in your  lifetime? Did you also know that an overwhelmingly majority of you reading this have no passion for your job or even worse, are outright dissatisfied with your job? Check out some other interesting stats about the workplace here. 

Companies That Care Make You Happier

Because you spend so much time at work, companies that focus on doing things that make you happy, have less people who quit to find a better workplace, a better culture and an environment where you feel appreciated and valued. See what Simon Sinek says here

There are things in life that you and everyone has, there are things in life that you and everyone need and there are things in life that you and everyone want. They are broken down into these three categories, with a few examples for each one:

Things that you have include: birthday, stories, thoughts, ideas, and passions

Things that you need include: food, water, shelter, air, and belonging

Things that you want include: fulfillment, happiness, purpose and becoming the most you can become

I believe that the more people who share stories about their lives, their missions and the social good they wish to bring to the world, it will in turn make it possible for more and more people around the world to get what they need to live. Simultaneously, it’ll give people like you who decide to share your story a greater sense of purpose and a happier and more fulfilled life as well.

What Else Is Missing?

Compared to people like you who celebrate your birthday for a social cause that you're passionate about, your companies involvement with celebrating its anniversary, or birthday, for a cause that aligns with your companies mission is probably non existent. 

Additionally, your company has probably not helped support you to reach your goal on your birthday for the good your bringing to the world by donating your birthday to a cause you believe in.

Did you know that you'll spend over 90,000 hours of your life at work? Check out other interesting stats and facts here

Why This Also Matters

There are over 19,000,000 people around the world who celebrate their birthday everyday. Not only is your birthday a reminder of your existence, each year it's a new chapter in your personal story. Your birthday is part of what makes you human. Some of the other things that make you human include where you work, your favorite sports team, the school you went to, where you currently live and where you've lived in the past as well

Here are some things that are a part of Trevor's personal story

Launched on May 12th, 2014

Created on July 26th, 1848

Established on August 11th, 1919

I worked at Opendoor from February 2017 until May 2018

I'm a diehard Green Bay Packers fan and I bleed green and gold

I attended the University of Wisconsin Madison and bleed red (literally)

Admitted to the Union on May 29th, 1848

I was born in and grew up in the great state of Wisconsin

Incorporated on February 25th, 1881

I currently live in Phoenix Arizona and it's been my home since July 2016

Declared a nation on July 4th, 1776

I am a citizen of the United States of America


Where To Start

As we’ve become more connected to one another through the power of the Internet, Your Birthday is the ideal starting point to share ‘Your Mission’ and your story with the world, so people who believe what you believe can listen on your big day each year.

Pick A Charity, A Cause Or A Foundation That You Believe In

Realize That Your Birthday Is Your Personal Platform

Donate Your Birthday To The Mission You Envision In Your World

Share Your Story Why You Donated Your Birthday To That Cause

Invite Friends To Share Their Birthday Missions To Support Them Too

This Movement Will Continue To Grow Until It's The New Normal

Your Birthday Is The Key To Make The Difference In The World That You Envision

To see how Charity Water started this movement of ‘donating your birthday’ 12 years ago in 2006 and now seeing Facebook empower this simple idea for anybody that has a Facebook profile – it’s truly incredible. You need to hear it now. Birthdays are changing the world.

Can You Start Donating Your Birthday Today?

Market Challenges

The obvious answer is probably not. (Your Birthday only comes around once every 365 days). Sign Up Here and we’ll remind you!

People Love

Feeling appreciated and valued, sharing their story and being listened too, being passionate about what they do, feeling trusted, making a positive difference in their community and in the world and finding purpose, fulfillment and happiness in life.

Market Opportunities

We believe that there will be a day in the future when it’ll be the new normal to share Your Birthday Mission with the world.

Not being appreciated or valued, not being listened too, not having a voice for what matters, a lack of trust or transparency in our leaders, putting profits over a purpose or the right thing to do, not being included, not being given opportunities and not feeling like they belong.

People Complain About


There is real value in embracing this birthday movement Charity Water started and Facebook recently implemented - at a personal level, but also at a societal level too. Your voice, your ideas and how you want to be remembered one day matter and we want to hear and share what you care about.

In the words of Steve Jobs at Stanford’s 2005 Commencement, “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked; there is no reason not to follow your heart. Stay hungry, stay foolish.” I remember hearing this speech in a college and I was instantly inspired by Steve’s message. For the rest of my life, I want to inspire you to follow your heart and share what you care about on your birthday each year 

Consistent Inspirational Opportunities

(A Few Examples)

See what others are saying so you too can be inspired. Click Here

Key Birthday Events In The Future As Others 

Follow Your Lead

Your Alma Maters

Your Sports Teams

Your Cities

Your States

Your Country

Our World

  • Your Birthday (Your Story)

  • Your Leaders, Influencers and Difference Makers (Your Inspirations) 

  • Your Company or Organization You Work For (Your Employer)

  • Your College or University (Your Alma Mater)

  • Your Sports Teams (Your Favorite Players)

  • Your City (Your Hometown and/or Your Current Residence)

  • Your State (Your Birthplace and/or Your Current Home)

  • Your Country (Your Ethnicity and Your Origin)

  • Our World (Our Pangaea and Our Future)

  • Your Favorite Non-Profit (Your Mission for Social Good in your World)


Why Did I Do This?

I fell in love with inspiring people to make a difference for the mission they envision in their world. First, with my own birthday, now with all of your birthdays, I find myself completely enamored with how the idea of the ‘Your Birthday Mission’ can truly change the world.


On May 31st 2018, I quit my job at one of the fastest growing startups in the nation with the hopes of inspiring all of you to help me change the world. I realize that there are hundreds of millions of other people and organizations that are constantly looking to get your attention and inspire all of you too, but I’m determined to find a way to contribute to our future.


To understand more of my story and to see who inspired me, you can read more here.

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Why I Love People

I believe in people. I believe in your ideas, your passions, your thoughts, your beliefs, your hopes, your dreams and your goals that you envision in yourself and for yourself.

I love how inspiring someone through storytelling can build bridges across cultures to a better future for everyone.

When inspired, people like you foster a sense of openness and a desire to give back to make our world better.

Working with people like you and sharing ‘Your Birthday Mission’ provides the opportunity to be a part of a better world.

Why I Believe Everyone Belongs

As I stated above, the feeling of belonging is a human need. Everyone needs to feel like they belong. As humans, we all belong to different groups, communities, or ‘Tribes’ as Seth Godin puts it, and it’s part of what makes life worthwhile. We belong to an organization or a company, we belong to a country and a city, we belong to a state, we belong to a local community, a lot of us belong to an alma mater, a lot of us belong to multiple sports teams, others belong to fan groups of certain bands, while others belong to political parties. The more opportunities that people have to belong, the greater chance people have to live a fulfilled and happy life with meaning and purpose.

Where I'll Belong

I’m committed to inspiring you to inspire people by sharing Your Birthday Mission. The world needs more doers, the world needs more leaders, and the world needs more people who care. Now you can do, lead and care on your birthday by sharing Your Birthday Mission with the world.


Inspired yet?

What's Your Birthday Mission? 

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© 2018 by Trevor Marks. Social Good and Birthday Advocate